– M5-M36 Tapping capacity
– 380 V operating Voltage
– %15 Higher speeds than hydraulic tapping series
– Easy to use and ergonomic constructions
– Strong constructions
– moving Arm Hardness adjustable piston system
– Adjustable speed setting
– 2050 mm radius working area
– Quick tap switching feature
– Vertical, horizontal tapping feature
– Different application areas (Reaming, riveting, molder
grinding, countersinking, threading multi tapping etc.)
– Energy Save
– Digital RPM Reader

RAGTAP 16Hi, 24Hi, 36Hi Tapping Machines are models having tapping capacity between M5-M36. They provide a wide working area thanks to the arm structure which can be opened up to 2500 mm in the radius.

Thanks to their spinning heads they have horizontal and vertical tapping properties. By using this feature in our RAGTAP models, which have the piston hardness adjustment feature, you can adjust the hardness and softness of the Acrobatic arm to your wish.

Thanks to the safe tap holders you will use with RAGTAP 16Hi, 24Hi, 36Hi Hydraulic Tapping Machines, you can find a solution to the problem of tap breaking problem and at the maximum rpm possible, you can get maximum efficiency from your operations at minimum time.