RAGNAR MACHINERY is established in 2010, and was starting business in special industrial machines, special purpose machines and sell to the countries all around the world. The parts used on the machines we developed are as high as 80% to be in-house production.

In 2014 we were concentrated in the R&D, manufacture, distribution of industrial metal working machines under the brand name “RAGNAR”. We use the tapping, cutting, folding machines we made in our production lines as trial and the reference for the machine modifications. The machines have obtained good reputation by all our European and overseas customers who are selling and using RAGNAR machines.

Based on the ever-lasting policy, keep improving in product quality, technique and service, so as to meet customer’s satisfaction has been always our commitment.

Our company has been sharing this philosophy as a starting point for all of our business activities since its formation. We believe that the creation and provision of new values based on customers’ perspectives will strengthen the relationship of mutual trust between our customers and Ragnar, and become a source of mutual development.