The RAGNAR tapping machine RAGTAP made a triple articulated arm, hardy and precise; the adjustable head 0-360° allows orientation in space keeping perpendicular to the hole. It represents a valuable support also for your work machining center reducing the cost and time of work… Read more

A typical hydraulic folding machine usually uses up to 1300-2000 additional hours of electricity annually, just to keep the hydraulic unit running during one shift. RAGNAR folding machines are manual or motorized versions only use power when operating which leads to reduced costs for electricity Read more

RAGNAR Lockformer (Pittsburgh machine), mainly used for nipping the plate to facilitate the joint of plate, is among the most basic equipments for modern duct forming line. All gears, axles and rollers equipped in the machine are made from high quality steel to ensure their stability and durability… Read more

Metal shears from RAGNAR Machinery cut steel, sheet metal, and other materials with precision and accuracy. In addition to performing high-quality cuts, RAGNAR metal shears are designed to allow for a high number of cuts per minute.
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