– M5-M24 Tapping capacity
– 3 kW Electric motor
– 380 V Operating Voltage
– From 0 to 600 rpm optionally adjustable speed setting
– Hardness adjustable piston system
– Strong construction
– Special gearbox system providing high speed and torque
– Vertical, horizontal tapping
– Fast holder replacement
– Prevent damage to the hydraulic pump by preventing the
electric motor from operating in the reverse direction
thanks to the phase protection relay

RAGTAP 24H Tapping Machine is produced with a dual-stage gearbox system that offers both high speed and high torque for tapping operations between M5-M24. Your small tapping operations from M5 to M14 are performed at speeds between 0-600 rpm in the 1st stage and your tapping operations from M16 to M24 are performed at speeds between 0-150 rpm in the 2nd stage and at high torque.

This allows you to combine high speeds with small-diameter tapping work and high torque with large diameter tapping work. Huk series models provide horizontal and vertical tapping. As in all other models, it can be used with optional accessories such as boron lubrication, depth control system, speed indicator, T-canal Table, magnetic steep apparatus and new generation single point squeeze head system for taking miter easily.