RAGNAR CONSULTANCY was founded in 2010 by 2 main shareholder in Turkey which is independent than machine production business of RAGNAR, combining the 15 years of global technical-sales experiences. Our main goal to construct a bridge between right product and our customer. In addition to the machinery procurement, one of RAGNAR workspaces is to ensure that customers are met with the right product, on time and with right technical and financial conditions.

RAGNAR CONSULTING TEAM is containing today 15 staff which is expert on different business/industrial models and RAGNAR supplier database is valid on more than 1500 different type of manufacturing company to be responsive of your each type of requests.

We are as RAGNAR ready to consulting Worldwide customers who has business or would like to have business with EU Suppliers.
This consulting activity will contain the following 3 different level service and you can purchase one of this or full package according to your wishes:

Research of proper products and market leader supplier for the requested projects.
Assisting at the purchasing process, bargain with supplier as direct buyer to save money of the investor.
Trip organization and visit the supplier premises together with your authorities, make the highlight.

After purchasing, following of Production period of ordered equipment, periodical reports and visits to the supplier.
Final Quality Control of goods with experienced technical staff of RAGNAR.
Final Quality Control with your technical authorities in supplier if you like.

Organizing of Shipment in time combined with supplier, choose the best-efficient transporter with correct equipments.
Following and assistance for after sales services and spare parts within or after warranty period.